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Harrison Lampert is an actor, comedian, and magician, originally from the great state of Philadelphia. You've stumbled upon his website, whence all of the inner depths of his soul have erupted into a cacophony of 90's slang and really big words. Fret not of waltzing demagorgons that you may find upon your travels. This is a safe haven with all of the fun, laughter, and emotional roller coasters you could ask for. Take a look at the imbricate videos lying about; they're almost abecedarian in their arrangement, but don't let that stop your saponaceous tendencies to wander from page to page! Look, Share, Laugh!  #insertappropriatehashtag

Harrison Lampert


Actor, Comedian, Magician


Height: 5'8"

The Groundlings Sunday Company Alum

Special Skills: Improv, Professional Magician, Juggling, Beat Boxing, Badminton, Finding Lunch Deals, Cereal Box Mascots

Harrison-1 edit 8x10.jpg

Progressive.                                                    Bar Guy 1.                                                        National Commerical

American Housewife.                                      Shell Game Guy                                               ABC

Fresh off the Boat.                                           PJ                                                                    ABC

GHOSTED                                                       Ken.                                                                 Fox

The Daily Show.                                               American Youth.                                              Comedy Central

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone                    Stage Hand                                                      Don Scardino

Magician Sells Weed to a Cop (Parody).         Magician.                                                         Bill Whirity

McDonald's.                                                      Party Magician.                                               National

Shaded.                                                            Ted Crus.                                                         Jordan Black

Twix.                                                                Left Twix Guy.                                                   Online

Ask A Slave                                                     Ralph Berkoff                                                   Jordan Black

Magic Camp                                                     Self                                                                  Judd Ehrlich



Live Appearances

The West Coast Improv Explosion- Currently Running


The Chicago Magic Lounge


The Groundlings Theater

The Magic Castle

The Hollywood Improv

The Comedy Store


2010 - present

2010 - present

The Groundlings, Sunday Company Alumni


Temple University, BA, Doug Wager, Artistic Director

Prince Music Theater, Youth Company, Betsy Riley, Director

ACTeen Academy, Rita Litton, Director

Warner Loughlin Studios, Warner Loughlin, Director


Benderspink, Intern


IMPROV: Drew Droege, Phyllis Katz, Guy Stevenson, Ian Gary, Jeff Galante, Brian Palermo, Roy Jenkins,

               Jay Lay, Kevin Bernston, Karen Maruyama, Heather Morgan, Sam Cohen, Bobbi Block


ACTING: Dan Kern, L. Kenneth Richardson, Cheryl Williams, David Ingram, Lisa Tracy, Jen Dede Kelly,                              Erin Cardillo, Rita Litton, Robert Smythe


VOICE:   Donna Snow, Diane Gaary, Lynne Innerst, Amanda Quaid


SINGING: Harold Evans, Jody Kidwell


COMMERCIAL: Amy Marcs, Rodney Robb    


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