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Harrison Lampert: Magician


Harrison has been performing magic professionally for the past 14 years. Combining comedy and magic, he is sure to bring some good ol' fashioned fun with a hint of absurdity to your event. There are a variety of packages offered, each one is described below. If you are looking for magical entertainment for your upcoming event, please peruse the options below and contact Harrison with the details of your event to recieve a quote! 

Stand-up Show


Usually best for a crowd of 15 or more, this is a combination of stand-up comedy and magic. Take a journey through life and magic with psychic abilities, sleight of hand, and a fun witty presence. Ever a wordsmith, this show is fast paced, magic packed, and full of general silliness!    





Close-up Show


If your event is a more intimate gathering of friends and family, or even business associates, this show allows you to sit up close and see the magic in front of your eyes and in your hands. Still fast paced and fun, heck, they're all a little fast paced, Harrison is from the east coast! This show combines absurdity, sleight of hand, cards, coins, maybe even a rubber band or two, as well as some more general silliness


Close-up Walk Around


Having a large event with lots of people, perhaps with a cocktail hour of sorts. Walking around table to table, group to group, is a fun way to have entertainment where no one has to congregate in one area. Harrison goes to them, performing close-up magic with cards, coins, rubber bands, and other everyday objects. A fun way to have your guests enjoy some entertainment and maybe some appetizers as well!


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